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ok , getting my internet and phone line put in today in the new flat .. so i wont need to use the bed and breakfasts wifi to play online .. as its super weak .. get ready black ops onliners im gonna kill some badies tonight.. im now on rank 25 first luitenant and iv got there in what i think is a pretty short time .. evrytime i go online now tho in multiplayer im up against rank 40 -55 guys .. so its a little harder but iv been doing ok .. usually i come around 2nd or 3rd 🙂 happy with that for now …

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fraking loving this game still .. plz check out my blogs 🙂


Over the Christmas Holidays, While the Steam Holiday Sale was on. I noticed that the new Call Of Duty was on sale so as a person who has been in and out of the Call Of Duty series for a few years, I decided to give it a go and spend £33.19 and have a good go with the game. Because as a Small and I mean small Call Of Duty fan, I was one of them people that on release day was watching all of the live streams on Twitch.TV the week it released.

So on with the first impressions. Now with the Single Player the first thing I noticed was the fact that you can now customize your

weapon for the whole level before you go in to the mission. Were as before in other Call Of Duty games you were given a weapon and you had to…

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Black ops 2 multiplayer

blk ops 2

Ok iv been playing multiplayer for like 2 days straight now..gone from rank 11 to 23 .. happy with that … still cant get my head round domination … loving the hijacked level tho on team deathmatch.. awesome as hell!! shout out to dominoboy!!

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ha love it


It is like I have that posted on my forehead.


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goldeneye1omg such a long day .. mondays suck. Oh well its over now .. back home all comfy and full of sweet chilli chicken noodles .. maybe ill have a little play on goldeneye on the n64 later. Anyway, i just wanted to say, im new to blogging. I started it because i really like the idea, im kinda shy, i thought this maybe a goodd way to talk and get things out (kinda theraputic) .. i hope some people like what i write and i get a chance to interact with cool people on here if possible. So i guess i wanted to say that some of my blogs may seem random and not really on a topic but ill try to keep them interesting 🙂 HAPPY BLOGGING PEOPLE.

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Black ops 2

Black ops 2

still loving black ops 2 obviosly, getting pretty awesome on zombies.. tranzit from the bus station is cool online, it sux when people dont stay on the bus tho and you get split up.. anyone seen the electric zombie yet?? i love the hammer machine gun .. heavy firepower baby!! 🙂

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